Wood been shorted between sizes and "cuts"
When briar blocks are been distinguished between shapes, and sizes we come up with four different cuts coming out of the sawmill.

R shaped Ebouchon.

EBOUCHONS are divided into two  categories:

 M shaped pieces that are used for straight pipes and in Extra quality has straight grain but also cross grain and birdseye.

 R shaped wood that's been used for bended pipes and most of the times has cross grain)

These two "cuts" come in bothEXTRA and PRIMA quality.

PLS shaped wood

PLS,  is a piece of wood with the top side still having the “skin” of the Briar root intact and is cut in a 90º angle.These are straight grain pieces used for hight end pipes both by factories and pipe carvers.

PLS resting in the drying room


PLATEAUX are large and some times very large pieces of wood with the “skin” still on top and cut in wider angles up to 180º. These pieces are very hard to be produced and are been used by Pipe artists for freehand pipes around the world.

Various shapes of Plateaux